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6 Amazing Reasons To Take A Trip Together

Is traveling together a way to stay together, or the ultimate relationship test? We asked six popular Instagram travel couples what they thought, and here they share why, even through ...

5 Reasons Travel Couples Should Stay In An Airbnb

I’ve traveled all over the world with my boyfriend, and we’ve stayed in over 50 Airbnbs in the last year. If you’re a travel couple (or a group) on a ...
Creative Travel Couples and Instagram bloggers on a walking tour watching the sun set behind the mountains

Why You Should Take a Walking Trip As a Couple

We’re Luke and Nell from What If We Walked?, a travel couple dedicated to slowly wandering our way around the world. For us we mean that literally, as most of ...
Bloggers and travel couples Salt In Our Hair's looking out at a waterfall in Bali Indonesia

On The Road Interviews: Salt In Our Hair

It took a few tries to interview Hannah and Nick, from the travel blog Salt In Our Hair, because of WiFi limitations in the parts of Southeast Asia they’re exploring. ...

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