Creative Travel Couples Master Collection


35 Stunning Presets

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Inspired by our community of travel couples, this stunning collection of 35 Lightroom Presets is guaranteed to help you transform your feed!

  • 35 Beautiful Travel Presets
  • Desktop and Mobile Compatible
  • Designed for Travel and Lifestyle Photos
  • Adds Vibrant Colors and Warm Tones
  • Works on both RAW and JPEG Photos
  • Includes Free Tutorials and Support

6 reviews for 35 Stunning Presets

  1. lindsayd (verified owner)

    These are so awesome! I’ve tried to achieve looks like this before, but always struggled to make my pictures look good. This makes it so much easier! I can just pick one and do some small edits from there. So thankful they decided to put these out…

  2. maricamino (verified owner)

    i am in love with your presets! Cant stop playing with them! They make every photo so much more vibrant!

  3. claudiajsilva92 (verified owner)

    Amazing! Carry on and Jetsetter are my favorite! Really happy I bought these <3 its really cool to see what settings everyone uses. Thanks 🙂

  4. graemekey858 (verified owner)

    Stunning presets to improve your travel shots. The last presets I bought had only 11 and I couldn’t even use them on my phone. These are definitely worth it.

  5. emmalopowers (verified owner)

    So pretty. They bring such a special vibe!

  6. katiewooler (verified owner)

    These make my iPhone photos look sooooooo much better! I wish there was a way to post before and after shots in this review 🙂 Love them!!!!

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Works on desktop and the FREE Adobe Lightroom Mobile App

  • Your Master Collection Includes...

  • Adrift | Alive | Atlas | Balmy | Carry On

  • Daydream | Discover | Escape | Eternal

  • Explore | First Class | Horizon | Infinite

  • Journey | Lost | Nomad | Overseas

  • Paradise | Perennial | Road Trip

  • Seam Foam | Souvenir | Sunburst

  • Timeless | Venture | Voyage

  • Wanderlust | Wayfarer | Wild

    Forever | Jetsetter | Passport |
    Roam | Views

35 Unique Lightoom Presets!

Designed specifically for travel and lifestyle photographers.



  • TRANSFORM YOUR FEED! Develop your own unique editing style and create a consistent “look” across your Insta.

  • Create vibrant and colorful images!

  • See how other creatives edit photos!

  • Add bright, crisp detail to every shot!


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What exactly are Lightroom presets?

Lightroom presets are pre-saved edits you can apply like a filter. Similar to an Instagram filter, you can change the way your photos look with the click of a button. Presets are used to get professional, quality-looking photos with no, or very few, additional changes!

Can I use these on my mobile phone?

Yes! This product is compatible with Lightroom mobile. You can download the App for free and learn how to download and install them to your phone with this blog post.

Which programs will this work with?

Our presets are compatible with Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC, Lightroom mobile and Adobe Camera Raw for Photoshop. These presets are compatible with both RAW and JPEG photos. In simpler terms, if you have Lightroom on either your desktop computer or mobile phone then these presets will work for you! Learn how to download and install them here.

How do I download the presets?

After purchasing, you'll instantly see a download link for the presets. We also suggest creating an account during checkout. That way you can always come back and download the presets at anytime in the future. If you didn't create an account and you closed out of the instant download link page after checkout, don't worry. You'll also receive an email with a download link for the preset files. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us here

How do I install the presets?

Once purchased, you'll receive full instructions on how to install, activate, and start using the presets with your photos! You can learn the entire process by checking out this blog post. If you still have any questions, please use our support page and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Will these work on a Mac or PC?

Yes! Our presets are compatible with both Mac and PC computers.